• Digital Luggage Scale
  • Digital Luggage Scale
  • Digital Luggage Scale
  • Digital Luggage Scale
  • Digital Luggage Scale
  • Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale

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Make Weighing Your Baggage A Breeze With Digital Luggage Scale.

Want to avoid a lot of trouble when your luggage is overweight? Measure all of your baggage with Digital Luggage Scale before reaching the airport that you are no longer caught with overweight fees.

Digital Luggage Scale Helps To Know The Accurate Weight Of Your Stuff


  • SAVE YOUR TIME & MONEY: No more unexpected overweight fees again! Simply hook your baggage onto the durable steel hook and results in display within seconds. A compact, portable, lightweight, and heavy-duty to stand the test of time and travel.

  • HIGH PRECISION MEASUREMENT WITH DIFFERENT WEIGHT UNITS: The digital luggage scale can weigh bags up to 110 lb or 50 kg. It can be operated in different weighing mode; such as kilograms, pounds, and ounces. Very easy to switch the weighting units.

  • SMART FEATURES: This digital scale has an LCD screen for accurate and easy reading. The auto-hold feature helps to lock the weight on the display once stable, can read with ease. Powered by a single battery, shutdowns easily and saves battery life.

  • EXQUISITELY DESIGNED: The digital luggage scale has a durable strap and hooks to weight conveniently, won’t fall easily. Comfortable and sturdy handle to lift any object effortlessly. It’s made of premium quality ABS environment protect material.
  • Product Weight: 110g
  • Graduation: 0.022lb or 10g
  • Dimension: 155mm x 37mm x 40mm

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